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Excel 2010: Change Values Into Time (TIME function)

Unlike other spreadsheet programs, Excel 2010 offers a range of functions to automatically deal with all kinds of date and time formats. The Time function takes plain values and show them in time format, letting users easily performs complex operations over time values. Using TIME function, you can show the values in time format, i.e, hr:min:sec. It requires three arguments to be passed, and automatically determines the military time. Furthermore, it’s capable of detecting (AM) Ante Meridian or (PM) Post Meridian. All you need is to specify the data range i.e. the cell location where values are stored or direct values that you want to convert into TIME format. You can also pick values from different locations and convert them in a single field using the time function. As stated earlier, it automatically detects the values greater than 12 and convert them into military time.

Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet on which you need to change values into time format. For instance we have included a spreadsheet containing fields; Hrs, Min, and Sec, as shown in the screenshot below.


Now we want to change the values into time format and show it in Time field. The TIME function automatically changes the specified values in hour:Min:Sec format.

The syntax of this function is;


The first argument is hour which refers to Hrs value, next one is minute which refers to Min value and last argument shows seconds.

We will be writhing this formula in Time field as;


B2 in the function is the location of hour value, C2 and D2 refers to minutes and seconds values respectively.


Now you just need to drag the plus sign (located at the right of the cell) towards the end of the cell to apply it over the Time field.


If you want to change the time format, just select the Time field and navigate to Home tab and from Number group, click drop-down button and select More Number Formats.


It will lead you to Format Cells dialog, from Type you can select an appropriate time format from huge list, click OK to continue.

format cell

You will see the time in specified format, as shown in the screenshot below.

time format 1

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  1. Hi, I’m not finding the solution that I need in Excel 2010.

    I’m working with times in the format: HR:MIN:SEC but when I attempt to edit the time it reverts to clock time with the date.

    Example:10:10:00 changes to 1/1/1900 10:10:00 AM. I simply want to remove the SEC part of the time but I am unable to edit the time to have this result.

    In Excel 2003 I was able solve this by saving the spreadsheet as a “Formatted Text (Space delimited)” file and then reopen it in Excel. This removed the time formula but this solution doesn’t work in Excel 2010.

    Is there a way to remove this formula from the spreadsheet and edit it as text in the HR:MIN:SEC format?

    Any help is appreciated


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