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Excel 2010: CHOOSE Function

In Excel, CHOOSE function becomes very handy when you need to return the values from the existing list. It takes Index number as a primary argument which searches for the corresponding values in the list or string. The syntax includes values which could be a location in the list or self-written groups of values in the argument separated by quotation marks. It’s real usage can be seen when you are dealing with huge spreadsheet, then it abet users to find out specific keyword from the datasheet rather than searching for it manually.

Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet containing important words, text, numbers, etc on which you need to apply CHOOSE function.

new choose

We need to choose selected word from the list and show it in the new Selection column. We will be writing a simple function which will help us to extract cell data by just providing index number.

The syntax of the function is;

=CHOOSE(index_num, value1, value2….)

The first argument need to be the index number of the element which you want to show in new list.

We will be writing the formula as;


As you can see we have given the index_num as 3 in the formula, this means that we want to show the third value in the list.

sundev 1

For giving index_num from location, we need to give it with absolute reference. Lets assume we want to regenerate the whole list, we will just give the absolute reference of the S.No field containing serial numbers.

The formula will look like this;


$A$2 is the absolute reference of the S.No field, it will search the value in the cell at the location A2, make the value index_num, and then use it in formula.

table choose

For using this function exclusively you can also add word as values, an example is shown in the screenshot below.


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