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Excel 2010: Find & Remove All Hidden Rows/Columns, Remove Meta Info And More

To thoroughly inspect the Excel 2010 workbook for hidden content, XML data, hidden rows/column, hidden worksheets and personnel information, click File on ribbon. It will bring up default Info backstage view. Under Check for Issues options, click Inspect Document.


This will open Document Inspector, enable all provided options and click Inspect.


Once done, it will provide you with all the details about any hidden content, personnel info, etc. You can also remove the content it found out, by clicking Remove All for specific information.



  1. I attempted to perform this as I wanted to delete rows in my spreadsheet. My first attempt excel went into an infinite loop and never finished removing the hidden rows after I performed the inspection (random boxes in excel were blinking). Every attempt thereafter, I have not had the choice to check the “Hidden Rows and Columns” box as the entire selection has been removed from my choices. I have tried other dummy spreadsheets as well as restarting my computer. Please help!

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