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Excel 2010: How To Clear Hyperlinks From Spreadsheet

Excel 2010 provides a handy feature to instantly remove formatting along with all the hyperlinks. Many a times it happens that while pasting/importing data from external sources, hyperlinks get included. If your datasheet contain hundreds of hyperlinks, removing them manually is a tedious  job.This post covers how to remove it using the build-in feature.


For clearing the hyperlinks at once, select the data sheet, navigate to Home tab and from Editing group, under Clear options, click Clear Hyperlinks.


For removing Hyperlinks along with clearing formatting, from Clear button options (attach with select datasheet portion), click Clear Hyperlinks and Formats.


This will instantly clear the Hyperlinks along with the formatting.



  1. Yes I can’t get it to stop automatically adding blue text and underlining to cells where there are NO hyperlinks. I just want it out of some cells, not all. Looks like that clear option clears everything. And formatting the individual cell doesn’t do anything……..

  2. My Excel 2010 does not have these options under the clear menu, only four choices, all, format, contents, comments.

  3. I just tried the suggestions from Mohan and ginger. Although my report ‘appears’ to have no hyperlinks (the text is no longer highlighted or underlined), the hyperlink remains. Very frustrating.

    • Marianne, you are soooooo right!! When you clock on these things, you get the e-mail all set up ready to fill in…. The colors and underlining are gone, but the link is really there.
      So, the answer is “you can’t” The correct functionality is to be able to select the format for the Column and choose NO HYPERLINKS (please?)

  4. Thank you – wanted to cler all hyperlinks in a cut and paste page from the web.

    Had to google about a dozen sites before you gave exactly the info needed.

  5. First Go to home tab->>Styles tab–>Select hyperlink down arrow button and Normal in that automatically your selected hyperlink data will come to normal text.(It is applicable on Excel 2007)

  6. This does not clear hyperlinks in Excel 2010. If you select to clear hyperlinks AND formatting then it clears hyperlinks. We can pretend everything works right in this program but it does not.

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