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Excel 2010: How To Fit Column/Row Height & Width

While entering data in Excel 2010 spreadsheet, sometimes we forget to set the height/width of row and column. The AutoFit Row Height and AutoFit Column Width are two handy options which you can use to quickly set the height and width of row and column respectively.

To quickly set the height & width, select the cell(s) and navigate to Home tab, under Cells group, open Format options. Click AutoFit Row, it will set automatically set row height to minimum, and same with the case for clicking AutoFit Column Width.


Now width & height of selected column(s) and row(s) is set to minimum.



  1. What I want is for a word not to be broken up like:
    but for the cell to expand to fit it. Autofit and wrap text should accomplish this, but they are not.

  2. Auto row height does not work properly with multi-line text. It keeps defaulting to a single line of text. Additionally, there is no indication the cell contains several lines of text. Is there a way to make the cell automatically open to show all lines of text? Or, is there a way to indicate there is more text in the cell that is hidden?

  3. Yes sometimes it doesnt work. Probably, its formatted with another rule. There you may open an empty cell and then format all your sheet 1 wrto it and so all of them will be in default from. Then you may autofit

  4. It does not work. when I select auto row height ona cell containing multiple row of text, the row immediately compresses to display only the first row of text.

    • yes, I have the same problem.. wouldn’t it be great if a Microsoftie would explain how to resolve it? 😉

    • The trick I have found is to not have multiline text merged across a number of cells. If you can allow all your text to remain in one cell, the autoheight works.

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