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Excel 2010: Speak Cells

Excel 2010 provides a feature called Speak Cells which eliminates the need of having to look at the hard copy of data and comparing it with original softcopy data sheet. Thus, you can check your printed worksheet by make Excel read the softcopy for you.

In order to use this feature, you need to make Speak buttons apparent on the excel Window, because it is not present on it by default. Head over to small drop down button at the upper-left of the excel window, and click More Commands.

speak button customize 1

You will reach Excel Options dialog box. Hit drop-down button from right pane present beneath Choose commands from label. Click All Commands to show all commands which Excel contains.

excel options 1

Now scroll-down the list and find Speak commands. Select all of them and click Add to show them on Excel window. Once added, hit OK.

speak buttons add

You will notice that all the Speak buttons are added adjacent to undo/redo buttons at the upper-left corner of the window.

speak button added 1

Select speak buttons to read data sheet in desired way either by column or by row. You can also enable the speak cells on enter option to make Excel speak the cell’s content whenever you press Enter on keyboard.

Now select the portion of datasheet you want Excel to read it for you. Hit Enter to make Excel speak it for you.

data to read

While testing in Excel 2010 Beta, this feature crashed sometimes when used without enabling Speak Cells On Enter option.


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