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Find All Tagged Items In OneNote 2010

Tagging helps user in finding out specific notebook element easily. If you’ve tagged all of your notebooks elements, OneNote 2010 provides a handy feature which lets you find all the tagged items in a snap.

To find tagged items in notebooks, under Home tab, from Tags group, click Find Tags.


This will bring up Tag Summary pane at right sidebar, under Search options, select All notebooks, and from Groups tags by options, select a desired option.


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  • Bhillebrand

    This does not work for me – I only get the “to do” tag, all the other tags (like important) do not show up in the search.

    • Antonio Velázquez

      right after the “group tags by” dropdown, is a checkbox that says “show only unchecked items”
      if that checbox is checked, you only get to see your todos tags… so uncheck it, and you should see any other tags

  • OneNote User

    If I select all notebooks as search scope I get less results than with only the current notebook. Does that make sense?

  • Ethan

    How do I find particular notes with tag combinations? For example, I want to find notes that are all tagged with “Process”, “Billing”, and “Brach A.”

  • Edie

    It’s not working. Are you using Windows or PC? It also does not work cross-platforms, web, iphone, ipad, etc. You need to re-do your article and make a note that it only works on a single PC. That’s pretty much it.