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Fix For “Cannot Change Microsoft Office 2010 License Product Key”

If you are having trouble changing the license key of Office 2010 or any older version of Office suit, Office Key Remover is what you need. It removes the complete Office license information from the Windows operating system allowing users to enter the new license key easily.

It is a portable tool that requires only one click to remove the Office license information. Select the version of Office suite app and hit the respective button to remove it’s license information completely.

Note: Once removed, there is no way to recover the license information. We would recommend making a backup of Office Product ID and Product Key using ProduKey before using this tool.

Office Key Remover

Once the product key has been removed, Office 2010 will prompt you to enter the new license key for verification. This tool prevents users from making changes to the registry and at the same time makes it easier to remove the license information.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, provided .NET 3.5 Framework is installed.

Download Office Key Remover


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