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Show Formulas In Excel 2010 Cells

Excel 2010 has built-in option to deal with the data cell according to the user’s need. Sometime for making audience to comprehend the complete datasheet, you just need to show the formulas in the cell rather than the evaluated values. This could be very beneficial for making out tutorial for the novices. In this post we will let you know how to show only the formulas in the data cells.

Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet on which you want to show formulas in the cells rather than the evaluated result. For instance we have included a spreadsheet containing fields;Name, Course, Marks, Grade, and Status.


We have evaluated values present in Grade and Status through a formula. Now for showing all the formulas in every field and every cell, go to File menu and click Options.


It will bring up Excel Options dialog, from left sidebar click Advanced and from right pane scroll down to find Display options for this worksheet group. Now under this group enable ‘Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated result’ option. Click OK to continue.


Upon click you will see all the cells which contained formula results, now showing the complete formula statement.


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  1. 01/1900 I want to hide this so it doesn’t show any value but can be overwritten and still calculate the formula. hope this makes sense.

  2. i tried few options but I don’t want to hide the cell value. For example I have the formula as =MINA(E11:E1000) on one cell, then I what shows on this cell is 01/1900. Now I want to hide this 01/1900 or don’t want to show this 01/1900 on the sheet but the formula is still there. Can someone help please..thanks:)

  3. how do I hide the cell information without affecting the formula. The value that I need to enter should reflect on the cell.

  4. Just press the CTRL ~ combination on the keyboard. This will toggle the formula view, helpful for auditing, printing and showing what your calculations are REALLY doing.


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