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Hide Gridlines In Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

Excel 2010, like previous versions, shows gridlines in the spreadsheet to let users easily add/remove cells’ values, and adjust height and width of row and columns, respectively. You may know that Excel 2010 doesn’t print the guidelines unless you manually add them to printable elements. Most users choose to apply border style to gridlines to make their data sets prominent in the spreadsheet, but there is another rather easy way to make your data set prominent, and that is by hiding the gridlines and then applying the guidelines border style to selected rows and fields; using the Gridlines view toggle button, you can hide the gridlines and then apply border to selected cells. However, if gridlines are distracting your work, you can make them invisible. This post will let you know how to make gridlines invisible to view only the cells’ values.

Open the spreadsheet in which you need to hide gridlines. Navigate to the View tab and from Show group, disable Gridlines option.


This will conceal gridlines in the spread sheet.


It’s worth mentioning here that Excel 2010 doesn’t provide you with an option to permanently disable gridlines. You can only disable them on your current sheet, or choose to disable gridlines on your entire workbook. The Excel 2010 Options window (accessible from File->Options) lets you select the current workbook to disable gridlines on all sheets. In addition, you can choose to change the default color of gridlines. Just open the Options window, and head over to Advanced window, scroll down to Display Options for this worksheet section, and then choose your favorite gridline color.



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