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How To Create New Folder In Outlook 2010

By creating a folder for each group of mail, you can classify the mail data in a way you want. Outlook 2010 lets you easily create folders for redirecting specified type of mails to it.

For creating a new folder, switch to Folder tab and click New Folder.


This will bring up Create New Folder dialog, enter an appropriate name of the folder, choose which sort of items Folder will contain from Folder contains options. Now select the account folder in which you need to create a new folder. Click OK.


The folder is now created under the specified account folder.


Now you can create a new rule for the folder to re-direct specific type of mail.


  1. I created folders and now I can’t find them.
    How do you access folders. They do not appear under any email addresses on the left

    • Right, I see my new folders listed when I want to move a file to one of my folders, but I cannot get to them.
      Also, The post showing ‘New Folder’ in the bar at the top of the screen is outdated. It is not there, and not under ‘New Items,’, nor under sub heading of new items.

    • Just now I created a folder under Archive, moved messages to it and then accessed them. Now, if I could just access those other folders I created somewhere, moved messages into, and still see when I start to move something …

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