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How To Hide Complete Excel 2010 Workbook

Unlike Excel 2007, which offers only a few viewing modes and options to hide UI elements from spreadsheet, Excel 2010 includes a number of spreadsheet viewing-sheet. It allows users to hide all those UI elements that annoy them while working on a spreadsheet. Previously, we brought you a guide on hiding gridlines, this time around we will take a look at the spreadsheet hide feature. Excel 2010 enables users to easily hide the entire worksheet from the workbook, preventing others from making changes to the data sets. It is worth mentioning here that it doesn’t permanently hide the worksheet, and you can easily reveal it using the Unhide button. When you hide the worksheet, it automatically hides its tab present over the status bar, restricting users from accessing work sheets in your workbook. Unhiding the worksheet is simple. All you need is to click Unhide button and choose the worksheet you want to display. Upon selecting, it will immediately show you the selected sheet.

In order to hide the complete workbook including all visible worksheets, navigate to the View tab on the ribbon, and then click Hide from Window group. This will immediately hid all the worksheets, and as mentioned earlier,


It will hide the workbook window immediately. As mentioned earlier, you can quickly reveal the hidden worksheets. Just click Unhide, select the worksheet and then click OK to unhide the worksheet. It must be noted that Excel 2010 doesn’t provide you with an option to permanently hide the worksheet. However, you can choose to adjust workbook’s window layout and save it, so that Excel automatically shows the workbook in defined the window layout.


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