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How To Insert Audio File In PowerPoint 2010 Presentation

PowerPoint 2010 offers you a simple way to insert an audio file into the presentation, along with Clip Art audio and voice recording, importing an audio file is as easy as pie. For inserting an audio file, open the slide and head over to Insert tab and from Audio options, click Audio from File.


It will bring up Insert Audio dialog, now choose a file from local drive and click Insert.


It will insert audio file in the slide with a small audio player providing generic playback options.


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  1. 2010 powerpoint media doesn’t work in 2007 (gray icon), but 2007 powerpoint media works and retains in powerpoint 2010 and has a upgrade feature to be 2010 media (2007 is gold icon).So the question is…..can you downgrade the 2010 media to be 2007 or insert media in 2010 as a 2007 powerpoint media?Because the only way to make a presentation in 2010 with media compatible with 2007 currently is to insert media from powerpoint 2007,save it and continue with 2010(which means using a computer with 2007 and one with 2010).Is there a better way to make a 2007 media compatible presentation in 2010 without using powerpoint 2007?

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