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How to Insert PDF into Word: 2 Simple Methods To Follow

Microsoft Word has always been the preferred productivity tool for most people, despite the availability of alternatives such as Google Docs. And that’s because of the plethora of options the app gives you to create, edit, and format texts.

One of such options is the ability to insert PDF into Word and edit it. There are two different ways to go about it on the app, each of which I’ll demonstrate below. Read on below to find out.


How to Insert an Editable PDF into a Word Document

This method is the easier one to use. Its only caveat is that it converts the inserted PDF into a Word format to allow you to edit it with other texts and images in the document (if you’re not dealing with a blank document). However, you can always format it back into PDF if you’d prefer it to remain that way after editing.

To insert a PDF into a Word document and edit it as a Docx file, 

  • Open a blank Word document
  • Navigate to the top menu and select File
  • Next, click Open from the context menu
  • Finally, locate where the PDF file you want to import is stored and select it

Word will insert the PDF at this point and convert it into an editable Docx file.

How to Insert PDF into Words as an Object

This method is the better one, albeit a little bit more technical. It allows you to insert a PDF as an object instead of importing a PDF file as a Word document as in the previous method. With this method, the PDF becomes part of a text-filled document without taking up much space. Confused? Here’s how it works:

  • Place your cursor where you want the PDF to appear in the document
  • Navigate to and select Insert in the top menu
  • Next, select Object from the Text group
  • Click Object from the drop-down menu that appears
  • You’ll be taken to the Object window. Go to the Create From File tab in it and then click Browse
  • Locate where the PDF is stored, select it, and then click Insert

From here, you’ll have two options to enable, which are:

  • Link to File
  • Display as Icon

If you tick the first option, the PDF will be linked to the source file, meaning any changes made in the source file will reflect on the PDF inserted into Word. That is a great idea if you’re making edits on the PDF from another app.

On the other hand, ticking the Display as an icon option means the PDf won’t take up space in your Word File and will only appear as a square icon. However, the PDF will spread out entirely in Word if you don’t tick it.

Final Notes

There you have it! Those are the two methods with which you can import or insert PDF into Word. The first method is ideal if you only want to make some changes to the PDF in Word format, while the second method is a great way to add attachments, sources, or references to your Word documents.

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