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How To Mark All Unread Mails As Read In Outlook 2010

If your mailbox is overwhelmed with a lot of junk/un-wanted emails, you can easily mark all as read using Outlook Mail-related options. However, it’s recommended to manually delete all unwanted emails and spam messages from the mailbox, you can use the Mark All as Read button to mark all the selected email as read, so that Outlook stops reminding you of new messages in your mailbox. By default, Outlook automatically marks email as read when you select it from the Mail window in order to read email in View pane. If you haven’t changed the default behavior, it will automatically mark emails as read, but if you’ve disabled the default mark mail as read option, it will only mark the emails as read when you double-click or open the mail item in a separate window. For those who want to quickly mark all read mail items as unread, Outlook 2o10 offers Mark as Unread option in right-click context menu, allowing users to quickly mark selected emails as unread. In this post we we will let you know how to mark all mails from a selected folder as read.

To begin, launch Outlook 2010 and select the mailbox/folder, containing the mail items that you want to mark as read. First off, open Mail window and then select the folder from the main navigation bar, which contains all configured email accounts. Once selected, head over to Folder tab and hit Mark All as Read button. It will immediately mark all emails from the current folder as read.


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