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Linking: Make Word 2010 And OneNote 2010 Work Together

Microsoft Office 2010 suite applications have in-built capacity to share data, workbooks, documents, spreadsheets with each other. Unlike its antecedents, Office 2010 provides the best way around to connect one app with other. Linking is a great feature which enables both Word 2010 and OneNote 2010 to work together.

Launch Word 2010 document which you want to be linked with OneNote notesheet. If you are linking new document then save it first. Now navigate to Review tab and click Linked Notes.

linked note

Upon click, It will bring up OneNote Location dialog, expand the workbooks view and select the desired notesheet which you want to link with the document. Click OK.

software testing

Now just start writing in selected OneNote notesheet, you will notice a small Word icon will appear with the new content. This indicates that now this notesheet is linked with Word 2010 document.

This is linked

You will see link icon at the left-top of the notesheet window providing different options. You can view all the linked file with the notesheet, Delete the links, Stop Taking Linked Notes, or Configure advanced link options, by clicking on respective buttons.

link button

Now close Word document and open the linked notesheet exclusively from OneNote 2010. In the linked notesheet you will see the newly added content with Word document icon indicating that it is linked with it.

linked button

Upon clicking Word button, it will immediately open up linked Word document.


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  1. Anyone have issues of linking notes to multiple word documents, each in their own window? I was hoping to bounce back and forth between word documents and have onenote grab the correct link based on what I was last looking at. Instead, it keeps creating links to the original document that was open.

  2. Considering that one of the first steps tells me to look under Review for Linked Notes and there’s no such thing in my Word 2010, I would have to rate this alleged help at 0.

  3. This presentation would be stronger if it gave some examples of why one would want to do this kind of linking.

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