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MailTriage – Group Emails Into Conversations In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Send/Receive process is responsible for downloading and synchronizing all Outlook folders with your configured email accounts. When you launch Outlook, it immediately starts downloading all the latest emails, syncs sent items, updates schedules & calendars, etc. Since it syncs all type of Outlook items, users often have to wait until all the folders get completely updated. MailTriage is an Outlook 2010 add-in that can significantly reduce the time involve in updating email items. Instead of replacing Outlook native Send/Receive process, it increases the efficiency of processing emails.

It works on simple principle; when Outlook starts, it begins triaging emails and groups them into conversations, so you can easily view and navigate between emails received from same sender and remove multiple emails by deleting conversation groups. Extremely useful for users who get hundreds of emails every day.

The add-in adds a separate window pane to manage conversations. You will see two panes side-by-side at the bottom of the window. When launched for the first time, it categorizes all the emails from selected account into easily manageable conversation groups in left side of the pane whereas the right-side shows the content of conversations. When you navigate through mail groups, it shows email content in Outlook reading pane.

Outlook mail1

Using the column headers of conversation pane, you will be able to sort grouped emails by number of conversations, sender, subject, received time stamp, and by size. When organized by size, you can instantly remove all the conversation taking much space of available mail account size. It also provides a condensed view of the conversation for faster sorting.


The right-click context menu lets you create custom conversation rules based on your defined search keywords. To create rule, right-click in conversation pane and select Conversation Rule to bring up Rule Manager. Now, click New Rule and enter keyword to filter conversations according to the entered keywords. Clicking OK will reload the conversation pane and show only filtered messages.

rule manager 2

Group conversations has certainly been made easy with MailTraige. If you deal with heaps of emails everyday, the Conversation Rule feature can help you separate important conversations from other grouped emails. It works on Outlook 2010, provided you have .Net Framework 4 installed.

Download MailTraige


  1. I’d like to see Microsoft Outlook grouping conversations as Google Mail does, ie. very well indeed — unfortunately MO2010 blindly groups messages by subject alone, so an unrelated topic that you discussed five years ago can get bumped up from the dredges of your archive into the current inbox stream, even when it has no bearing on the current discussion.

    Certainly, GMail is far from perfect — it lacks many features like hyperlinks, embedded content, drag and drop, Office integration, seamless group invites, commenting and voting features, which are all huge productivity features in a business environment. but I can live without all those in preference to email conversations that don’t function well, if at all.

    this addon, MailTraige has huge potential in this arena, but the current version doesn’t appear to to solve the central issue — it merely extenuates the problem with more and various subject grouping — here’s hoping the developer works on the concept some more with and other options for sorting conversations.

  2. Norton wouldn’t even let me install, it downloaded and then was immediately deleted by Norton. I don’t trust the report from Norton, it says less than 5 ppl downloaded it. I think that’s because some ppl have downloaded from freeware/payware sites that have malicious code in them. I will reinstall when I see more ppl using it.

    • @PCPROAZ
      here’s my ‘addictive tip’ — get rid of that disgraceful P.O.S. Norton, it’s easily the biggest problem on your computer on so many levels — dare I say it, even Microsoft Defender is better for your computer health!
      there are so many far better alternatives both free and paid, if you’re prepared to spend a few minutes looking beyond the Google sponsored listings; personally I use AVG / Comodo at home / work, but I’ve also found Kaspersky, TrendMicro and Avira fairly good.

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