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Mark PowerPoint 2010 Presentation As Final

Just like other Office 2010 suite applications, PowerPoint also includes an option to Mark the Document (Presentation) As Final. This feature tells the document reviewers that all the changes have been made, and it’s now ready for publishing or post-processing operations. It’s recommended that you should always check each section of the document before marking it as final. If your work involves dealing with a multitude of documents, we recommend thoroughly checking each document section, so that you can mark them as final and send them to your co-workers. Although this feature is included to discourage editing, Poweroint, like Word and Excel, allows you to re-enable editing even if you’ve marked the document as Final. It must be noted that it doesn’t restrict users from editing the document nor does it apply password protection; rather, it prompts user about the current document state when he/she tries to edit it, and provides an option namely Edit Anyway to make changes to the document. Before marking PowerPoint 2010 presentation as final, make sure that you have checked all the presentation slides. Once done, save the document at the required location and then click the File menu to bring up default Info backstage view. Now from main window, open Click Protect Presentation button to choose Mark as Final option.


A message box will pop-up, showing the message that your presentation has been marked as final.


As stated earlier, you can modify the document by hitting the Edit Anyway button, but selecting this option disables the Mark as Final feature’s prompt, and you need to manually mark the document as final to discourage further editing.

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