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MS Access 2010: Analyzing Reports With Excel

Undoubtedly Excel is one of the best tool that features; calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables and much more. Analyzing reports with Excel 2010 would be very beneficial, if you want to perform different calculations over Access generated reports. Analyzing report data requires a very simple process to follow.

Open Access 2010, and view the report in Print Preview to take a generic look at the whole report.

Now Navigate to Print Preview tab and click Excel button.

excel preview

Export Wizard dialog will appear, asking for specify the destination file name and format. In Export Options enable Open the destination File to view report immediately in Excel. Click OK.

Export wizard1

Excel Sheet will open and show the report data in columns and rows.

excel analyze

To take the best view of it, customize cell spacing, width and length. Select all the cells to draw borders around them.



  1. Have a problem transfer report from Access 2010 to Excel.
    Got a message “There is an invalid use of .(dot) or !operator or invalid parentheses.
    You may have entered an invalid identifier or typed parentheses following the Null constant.

  2. I have a different problem, I am exporting an Access 10 report to Excel 10 and the information goes into Excel in reverse, with cell A1 being in the uppper right hand corner and very little formatting. And I have tried the process stated above as well as not going thru the print preview.

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