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Outlook Security Configurator Allows Blocked And Linked Attachments


Outlook doesn’t permit users to access and download a wide range of file attachments which may include malicious code to prevent external sources from exploiting administrative rights of your system. For instance, executable (EXE) and Windows batch scripts (BAT) file may contain potentially dangerous command set which when run starts deteriorating your system vital components without notifying you about it. But what if you want to receive a batch/executable or JavaScript file from a reliable source in Outlook? Outlook Security Configurator not only unblocks restricted file attachments for all Outlook versions but lets you define list of file types you want to receive as email attachments. Unlike previously covered Outlook Attachment Enabler , it allows you to receive and open linked attachments without having to pass through Outlook security prompts.

The application has miniscule interface with options to add and remove file types from Allow and Block lists. Before you launch it, make sure that you’re not running any instance of Outlook in background. You can either manually specify the extension you wish to allow or choose file types from Block list and add them to Allow list. By default, it doesn’t unblock link attachments, however you can enable Allow access to link attachments option.

outlook security configurator

Now Click Apply and close the window before launching Outlook. The next time you receive blocked attachments, Outlook, in spite of blocking the attachments, will let you access and download them.


It works with all versions of Outlook, including the latest Outlook 2010.

Download Outlook Security Configurator

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