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PowerPoint 2010: Convert PPT to PPTX Instantly

When Office 2007 was released, many third-party developers started creating tools to convert PowerPoint 2003 compatible PPT presentation format into the PPTX format, so that users could easily use PowerPoint 2007 supported features and apply new effects on their presentations. Just like the previous version, PowerPoint 2010 supports PPTX as well as PPT presentation formats, and also offers a built-in converter to quickly convert PPT format into PPTX without requiring users to use any third-party converters. Unlike most third-party PPTX conversion utilities, it doesn’t allow you to batch convert PPT files, and requires opening the PPT file to manually convert it into the PPTX format. Although you can change the output format of your presentation file from the Save As dialog (accessible from F12 function key), it is recommended to use the PowerPoint 2010 native Convert feature to perform the conversion process. The reason being that when you choose PPT from Save As dialog, it attempts to forcibly save the presentation format in the PPTX format, and doesn’t convert the slide elements to make them compatible with the new format, whereas, the PowerPoint converter applies all the required tweaks to make it fully compatible with the new file format structure. In this post we will look at a simple way to covert PPT format into PPTX (PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 compatible format).

To convert a PPT file, open the presentation and click File menu to bring up the Info backstage view. Now from Compatibility Mode, click Convert.


Now specify location where you want to save the converted file, enter an appropriate name and click Save.



  1. This advice seems to be obsolete. PowerPoint 2013 won’t Open a ppt file in Compatibility Mode (or any other mode), so you can’t get to the convert thing.

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