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PowerPoint 2010: ppTPlex Add-In Brings Multi-Touch, Zooming, & More

Microsoft labs recently gushed forth pptPlex for PowerPoint 2010 which provides an ultimate experience of creating appealing and captivating presentations. With this small add-in, your presentation will be empowered as it wraps up the whole presentation in canvas which presents smooth sliding for navigating through the presentation, eventually modernizes the way of presenting presentations to audience.

What lacks big-time in contemporary PowerPoint presentations is that you need to confine presentation content into a slide, which brings downside as you can’t zoom image, datasheet, etc to make it clear to the audience. pptPlex came out with an idea of bringing the presentation on canvas, so you can move freely, zoom in & out, amalgamate sections that further elaborate each slide.

To start off with using pptPlex, install the add-in, and  launch PowerPoint 2010 presentation. You will see a new tab namely pptPlex on ribbon.


Head over to pptPlex tab and under Start pptPlex group, click From Overview.

overview 1

It will show the whole overview in broad Canvas containing all the presentation slides. Providing dynamic and smooth navigation experience is what makes it so amazing. Now your whole presentation workspace is canvas, Mouse plays a pivotal role as you can manipulate the whole canvas through right and left clicks, for zooming in/out, use scroll wheel on mouse in forward or backward direction, single left or right click can also do the trick as single left click on slide will show the slide on whole screen and right-click will zoom it out to show complete overview again.

overview 2

Start scrolling with Mouse wheel in desired direction for zooming in/out.

scroll with mouse wheel

Single left-click to view slide on full screen.

single left

Right-click for reverting the broad canvas view.

right click

For moving freely across the presentation slides, panning tool is always available.


Another flamboyant feature is to insert presentation backgrounds. Under pptPlex tab, click Canvas Background to select one from the list.

canvas backgrounds

Canvas background wraps up all the presentation slides into it. Click From Overview in Start pptPlex group to view it in canvas.

canvas background

For changing the section which contains presentation slides, move to background slide and resize the section, you can also tilt and shape it up in desired way.

editing section

Apart from handling existing presentation slides, it can also insert live content. For adding  content into the presentation, from pptPlex Content group, click Add live Content. You can insert any Office document i.e, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, Word document, etc.

live content

It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, and was originally developed for PowerPoint 2007. The latest version of ppTPlex now supports PowerPoint 2010 and also multi-touch in Windows 7.

Download pptPlex

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