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Remove Row & Column Headers In Excel 2010

One of our reader asked that how to remove Row & Column headers in Excel 2010. As long as Excel 2010 is concerned, one can not remove it but it lets you easily conceal it. So here is how to make row & column header invisible.

To conceal row & column headers, open the spreadsheet in which you want to remove the headers.


Navigate to View tab and under Show group, disable Headings option. This will instantly conceal both row and column.


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  1. I need to know how to remove a header from the sheet. I went into the header box and deleted the content, but the “Click here to add header/footer” note still appears. These take up room on the sheet. I started by trying to find out how to show the header on only the first page, but couldn’t find that either. Excel 2010 is written for people who have used Excel extensively. The “Help” feature is no help at all. 

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