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Show Blank Cells Containing Zero In Excel 2010

By default Excel 2010 doesn’t remove zero from cell if it contains  only a zero, however, you can easily change  this behavior from Excel Options dialog to show a blank cell in all cells which contain only zero.

To show blank cell instead of cell containing zero, on File menu, click Options.


It will open Excel Options dialog, from left sidebar, select Advanced and from main window, under Display Options for this worksheet, disable Show a zero in cells that have zero value option.


Now  you will see blank cells rather zeros placed in the cells.


  1. @matthew_rees:disqus No…it only blanks a cell that has zero as the ONLY value…if a cell has another value coupled with the zero like a 10, the work around mentioned in this article does not affect those cells.

    • You misunderstand. When Matthew Rees says he wants he wants to show zeros in the total column, he means he wants to show “0” if the total is zero.
      The tip blanks out all zeros in the sheet. Matthew’s point is that sometimes you need to blank out zeros in one part of the sheet, but keep them visible in another.

  2. This only works if you want to blank all zeros. A more common case is to blank zeros in data entry fields but show zeroes in total fields and other formulae.

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