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SmartArt In Excel 2010

Excel 2010 SmartArt graphics enables user to present their data presentation across, in a very flamboyant way, with it you can add different colors, shapes, layouts, and much more. Unlike charts and other pictorial representation tools included in Excel, it empowers you to create graphics that best describe your data and to make your audience understand the crux of it. You can choose a graphic from the list, containing loads of design and layouts.

With SmartArt you can experiment as much as you want with your data by applying different layouts and shapes, selecting a graphic is much easier with SmartArt as there is no need to apply each graphic over & over again to find out the best one, you can preview it first and then apply it which best complements your datasheet.

To start off with it, launch Excel 2010, and open a worksheet to start creating Smart Art.

smart 1

Navigate to Insert tab, and click SmartArt as shown in the screenshot below.

smart art 1

A dialog will appear asking you to choose a SmartArt Graphic. From the left pane choose the type of SmartArt and from right pane choose one, among the list of selected SmartArt type. we reckon you to choose a graphic that make some sense with your datasheet. As we have chosen type Cycle, because table showing an iterative process of building software. Click OK to continue.

cycle 1

You will see the selected graphic in your datasheet, now fill in the circles with some text, if you want to include more circles select one, copy it and paste it.


According to the requirements we have included more circles to match with table data as shown in the screenshot below.


Now to change the styles, layout or position of the SmartArt graphic, head over to Design tab and from Layouts, select the layout for the graphic, click the drop down button to navigate through the types of layout, you will notice upon hovering pointer on the layouts it will automatically shows to the layout to see the change in run-time. Click the layout to apply it.

desigmn 1

You will see the change of layout as shown in the screenshot below.

layout change

For changing colors to make the graphic content look flamboyant & more prominent, from Design tab click Change Colors.

colors 1

Upon selecting color, your SmartArt graphic will change according to pattern.


This feature also includes some special styles, referred as SmartArt Styles, select one from SmartArt Styles to adorn the graphic in a different way.


Select an appropriate SmartArt Style & see the changes.

special style

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