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Split Outlook 2010 Storages / Email Account Folders By Size & Year [Addin]

Like previous MS Outlook versions, Outlook 2010 saves each email account related files and folders including mailboxes in PST file, which can be used with any Outlook version to quickly restore the account mail items and folders. Although Outlook lets you associate PST files with new/existing email accounts, it often stops responding when large PST files are imported. If you’re planning to move or create backup of PST files, we recommend using Split Storage to split Outlook / email account storages into small PST files by Year and specified Size. It’s basically an add-in for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, which allows you pick the email account storage and spilt it according to your requirements. Additionally, it creates new PST files, and splits storages while copying the data from the specified storage into a new PST. Since it only reads the data from existing PST files, it doesn’t make any changes to PST/OST archives.

Just like previously covered Remove Duplicate Contacts, it requires you to create an account on OutlookFreeware.com to download the add-in and OutlookFreeware.com runtime. It’s advisable to close Outlook before you install the add-in. After installing the runtime and add in, launch Outlook and navigate to OutlookFreeware,com tab, and click Split Storages.

split storage 1

First off, it will ask you to specify the Outlook folder you want to split. Just feed it with source path of Outlook native folder or email account folder. Now, enter the maximum storage size (MB), and configure other PST related settings, which include Create PST files in Unicode format for Outlook 2003 and above, detach new storages from Outlook profile and Split storage by year. Once done, specify the target location where you want to save the PST file(s).

split storage 2

Before you hit Run, save the configurations, so that you can easily split the storage without having to specify the target location and configure settings. Clicking Run will begin the storage split process. The time it takes to split the entire storage into specified parts depends upon the size of the storage. it must be noted that it may download additional data while performing the split operation, so make sure that you’re connected to internet.

split storage

One the split storage finishes, verify the target location for newly created PST files. You may use them later with any version of Outlook to import only required content of Outlook storage. The addin works on both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. We tested it with Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.

Download Split Storage

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