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Sync Outlook 2010 Folders Using CodeTwo FolderSync

Using Outlook Rules feature, you can automatically move items present in specific mailbox folder to any folder of your choice but it doesn’t provide an option to set up folder synchronization. CodeTwo Folder Sync is add-in for Outlook which lets you synchronize items between specified folder pairs without having to move or copy items manually from one folder to another. This saves you the extra effort involved in copying and streamlining items in both folders. CodeTwo FolderSync will particularly come useful for those who require keeping same items in folders of two different mail accounts. There is no restriction on syncing folder types; you can, for instance, select two folders containing contacts, calendar, journals, etc. which are to be synced. Before installing the add-in, make sure that Outlook is not running in background. CodeTwo FolderSync adds itself in Outlook Home tab under FolderSync Addin group. To begin, click Synchronize.

sync 1

The Settings dialog will open, asking you to specify folders which are to be synched. Now select the folders and click OK.

add folders

Once added, it will show both folders on main screen. Similarly, you can add as many folder pairs as you want to sync their content between them.

add folders 2

When folder pairs are added, click OK to let it perform synchronization job.

To add or remove folder pairs from sync list, access CodeTwo FolderSync settings dialog from File menu.

codetwo settings

CodeTwo FolderSync works with both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook editions are supported.

Download CodeTwo FolderSync


  1. The sync is not automated, you have to press the button to sync the foldes 🙁 not a good idea. I lost 1 hour of my life grrrrr

  2. This is a terrible product from the end user perspective.

    While the product does what it states it will do, it does so with a major restriction. YOU MUST PRESS THE SYNC button every time you want to sync. This is crazy. So, you go to purchase the product only to find out they do not sell this product. They sell a product called “CodeTwo Outlook sync”. Then, you decide you will try to purchase this product. BUT, you cannot purchase online, they want you to contact some re-seller. REALLY? Today? Did you hear of purchasing on the web? What did these re-sellers do for you? Anyway, I have spent my 1 hour looking to see how to automate this process and to no avail. I suggest you stop baiting the market if you do not want to catch the fish.

  3. HI 

    This is very good. But the program does not seem to allow sync between folders of different types like a imap (eg google) and regular outlook mail (exchange). 

    Having this feature would be very helpful. 

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