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Taglocity Automatically Assigns Tags To Emails In Outlook 2010 [Work Productivity]

Are you worried about how to organize emails that get piled up every day in your Outlook 2010 inbox folders? Managing a great deal of emails each day becomes quite laborious even with email filtering tools provided by Outlook. If you’re on the lookout for a better and extremely intuitive solution to organize the emails in your Outlook folders, get Enterprise 2.0 inspired Taglocity add-in now. It deploys a comprehensive yet easy-to-use email management system that enables users getting host of emails every day to prioritize emails in order to make their emails specific work more productive. The add-in was particularly designed to save time that you spend on processing emails and importantly refining information out of received messages. Taglocity’s usability revolves around handling email overload, enhancing productivity, reducing the important email attention deficit, and revitalizing email search features.

Taglocity allows users working in corporate sectors to create groups. The group based email management offers solutions to reduce the amount of emails each member receives every day. The Taglocity group member can decide how, when and which type of emails they want to receive. This can significantly reduce the time that would have spent on filtering through all the emails in Outlook folders.

You can watch a brief scenario-based video to understand the core usability of Taglocity, below.

After installation, you will be prompted to create an TeamFeed account to use roaming configuration and access team emails. Taglocity integrates TeamFeed which offers online group inbox for improving team collaboration and communication.

Tagging is one of the best feature it offers. Based on your tags, it prioritize your daily emails, so you wont have to dig deep into heaps of emails to refine data and important info out of them. You will see a newly added tab, namely, Taglocity on the ribbon. To start creating tags, click Reader to read the top most email in your folder. From underneath the main window, you can add tags, view list of suggested tags and tagged conversations.


The Auto Assign Tags option automatically assigns tags to your emails. Before enabling this option, open Configuration window to create a list of Auto Tags list. Taglocity also offers multitude of tags that can be assigned to team member email to streamline all the group emails.

tags 3

Additionally, it adds a Contact Bar next to Outlook main navigation bar, which helps user search emails and conversation according to specified Outlook contact. You will also get to see how many emails and messages you’ve received from and sent to the contact in question.

taglocity bars

We have tried to cover the most salient features of Taglocity. You can now head over to product page to view all the features and options it provide and also to understand how Taglocity makes Outlook productive and fun. It works on Outlook 2003/2007/2010.

Download Taglocity


  1. This looks like a really cool add-on for managing alot of emails. I’m worried to try it though. I found a really cool guide on how to set up Outlook to look really nice, and I don’t know if Taglocity will mess with the settings… Any thoughts?

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