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The Complete Guide On Outlook 2010 PST File

We showed you how to create a new data file in Outlook 2010, but there is more to that. Data File has a format PST and is used to store all emails, new emails are downloaded and stored in this file. As more and more emails clutter your inbox, PST file can become rather large, in some cases more than 2GB in size.

In case the Data File becomes corrupt, Outlook comes with a build-in tool to repair it called Outlook Inbox Repair Tool. When you add a new email account in Outlook, a PST file is automatically created for that account the following destination,


but the most easiest way to access it via Outlook 2010 itself, unless ofcourse Outlook is not working.

Head over to Account Settings and navigate to Data Files tab, select the desired data file and hit Open File Location to open the directory where it is residing.

Open Data File Location

You can set the default data file, edit settings, remove it, or add a new data file from this window. PST files can only be opened from within Outlook, it is advisable to make a backup of this data file every week. If you are using a Home Server, making routine backups daily could help in case the file becomes corrupted beyond repair.

Be warned not to try out any 3rd party tool which can compress the PST file, some of them can actually corrupt the data file instead of compressing it. The best way to fix any problem with PST file is to use the default Outlook Inbox Repair Tool.


  1. My boss wants me to save PST files as PDF for our inner system. Is there any option in Outlook 2010 for that?

  2. Hi, I am happy with how to create and import a .pst file etc. what I need to do is the following… My boss wants everyone to have their own contact list but also share a company customer contacts list which is controlled and updated by Admin. everyone then accesses the list every time it is updated. He (my boss) believes there is a way of the everyone’s outlook account automatically syncing with the new contact list when they log on but I cannot find anything on line that tells me how to do this. The only way I can see is by using MS Exchange (which we don’t have). The only way I see us doing it, is when the contact list has been updated everyone then manually imports it to their own customer list. Can anyone help?

  3. I finished up at work on Friday and had to hand up my laptop. I cut and paste the pst files from Outlook onto my USB and saved it on my PC. The archive and outlook files I saved this way each have about 80MB of data on them. However, when I put the Archive file into the Outlook File Folder, when I see it in Outlook, the file is blank. What do I do? Also, the repair file starting with ‘snap. something.exe’ cannot be located.

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      Hi Nick,

      Have you check the
      size of PST file? I think your PST file got corrupted so you could
      try to repair the Outlook PST file by using scan.pst tool. if it does not work properly than you should try third party tool such as Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair, Which helps to repair corrupt PST file and recover your all email data from Outlook. Demo version also available.


      Marshal Hubs

  4. Use 2 pst files (lets call them ABCand DEF). When i use Mail Merge in Word 2010, want one of the pst accounts to do the sending with the email for that account. Have not found a way to have Word use the email account i want to use. Therefore, I change the ACTIVE pst to the DEF pst. Mail merge goes out in the DEF account.
    When I change back, ALL the rules have been erased and I have to recreate them.
    Any suggestions?

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