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Use Both Office 2010 & Office 2010 Starter Together

We were bit zapped, when we noticed that both Office 2010 and Office 2010 Starter (which is free) can work together seamlessly without erupting any sort of conflict. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 includes basic functionality so users can view, edit, and create documents. Microsoft claims they are “designed for casual Office users” who apparently will be perfectly fine with reduced-functionality and ad-supported software. Microsoft is looking forward to get a hold of market with giving-away free products  to incites more customer.

Both version of Microsoft Office beta and starter can be used on your machine, with a simple installation process. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter is basically striped down version, containing less features than the original Office 2010 coming down the line, along with that it encompass advertisements at the right pane of the window, which will be very annoying, but the great news is that, Starter will be free for all users, featuring only Excel & Word

Here you can see the difference between the Word 2010 Beta & Starter version.


Take a look at Excel 2010 Beta & Starter.

excel 1

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