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Use Indentation To Set/Align The Text In Word 2010

Software IDE and development platforms offer a number of text styling and formatting tools to make the code sections look prominent in the source code file. Most source code editors provide users with multiple indent levels, allowing users to easily organize code structures without having to manually find them in the code file. Just like other source code editors, Word 2010 contains an option to quickly increase and decrease the indent level, making it easy for users to manage different content sections of the document. Indentation helps in aligning the text/images and makes the document content look more organized as well as manageable. Since it may become quite tedious to manually increase and decrease the indent level from Home tab present on the ribbon, you can choose to use Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M hotkey combinations to increase and decrease indent level, respectively. It must be noted that Word 2010 doesn’t consider Tab character as an increase in indent level, and therefore, you may not be able to decrease/remove the tab character using the Ctrl+Shift+M hotkey combination.

In order to increase/decrease indent level, navigate to the Home tab and under Paragraph group, use indentation buttons (Increase/Decrease) properly to increase or decrease the indent. Alternatively, you can use aforementioned hotkey combinations to set the indent level.


The indent levels will particularly come useful in situations where you are dealing with code files, like HTML , Java, PHP etc., and want to quickly increase and decrease the indent level of required code sections. Word 2010 also lets you set default value of left and right indent from Paragraph dialog, accessible via small button present in bottom right corner of  the Paragraph section.

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