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Word 2010: Make Scrolling Faster By Hiding Images

In Word 2010, adding images makes scrolling through the document much slower because of rendering each and every hefty image. To get it over with, Placeholder gives the panacea of all these problems by preserving computing resources. After image Placeholder inclusion, only outline of images will be shown, eventually enabling instant navigation and make scrolling much faster.

Launch Word 2010 and open the document in which you need to insert image placeholders instead of hefty images. As shown below, we have a document which include lot of images.


Now we just want to show placeholders instead of images, for this, on File menu, click Options.

options 1

It will bring up Word Options dialog. From left sidebar click Advanced, from main window, enable Show picture Placeholders option, under Show document content group, and click OK.


Now you will see empty white-boxes instead of images a.k.a. placeholders. It causes absolutely no changes to your images, it just concealed them for fast scrolling. Take a better view of document content with images from Full Screen view.


Navigate to View tab and click Full Screen Reading.

full view 1

As shown below, in Full Screen view you can take a look at the content as well as images.

full view

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  1. Is there a way to have the placeholder show as a single line in height when in Outline View? The placeholders still take up too much space in Outline View.

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