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Word 2010: Use Hotkey Combination To Change Font Size

There are multiple ways of changing the font size, the most common way is to select font size from Font group under Home tab. You can use two type of hotkey combinations to change the font size. Here we will look at both types.

To increase/decrease the font size upon predefined Word 2010 levels i.e, 10, 11, 12,14,…28, 36, 48, use Ctrl+Shift+< combination to decrease and for increasing the font size, use Ctrl+Shift+> combination.

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Other way which is more useful is increasing/decreasing the font size upon single level, i.e., from 24 font size to 23. Use Ctrl + [ to increase a single level, and Ctrl + ] to decrease one level down.

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  1. Changing font size during letter writing is the most elementary function, it should not be that complicated, bat a single click.It should have a simple symbol for this purpose, not ctrl+shift, or Ctrl+[, which is hard to find in the help menue.
    I do not want to go to school to write a letter.Please keep the software a gradual experience,where one can write a letter and expand their skills if desired.
    I give the software a B rating.Is there a better software available? JKK

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