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ZeeCell Clipboard For Saving Data & Category In Excel

Wouldn’t it be handy if you can save & categorize the table fields’ data in Excel, for using it later in spreadsheet. ZeeCell is a small add-in built especially to save the data, fields, columns, along with non-contagiously selected data in it’s repository. Apart from this, it also saves & learns the data pattern to remind you on saving exact data cells in a category.

To get started, install the add-in, and launch Excel spreadsheet. Under Add-in tab, you will see ZeeCell group.


For illustrating it’s main functionality, we will be adding a field and then categorize and save it in ZeeCell.

zee cell 1

For saving it in ZeeCell, select the data and from ZeeCell menu, click Save Selected Cells

save in zee cell

It will bring forward the Category dialog, asking you to enter a name of category to save the selected data in it. Just enter an appropriate name and click OK.

add category

Down the line, if you need to access the saved field data, from ZeeCell menu, click Retrieve Cells. Browse Categories dialog will show up, select the category you want to insert data from and click Browse Cells.

browser category

It will bring up Browse Cells dialog, providing you with an option of deleting data cell if desired. Click Copy to Worksheet to insert it into your spreadsheet.

browse cells

It will instantly copy the saved data cells into worksheet.


Another notable feature is to save data cells, if it finds out that you have previously saved exact data, a pop-up message will show up letting you know the category of same data cells. Thus, preventing you from saving same data in multiple categories.

saved before

It works on all Excel versions including the latest Excel 2010.

Download ZeeCell

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