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1App Budget – Manage Your Money With Ease Right From Windows Phone 7

1App Budget is a free budget management app that has just been released for Windows Phone 7, but after having a look at it, we can safely say that it looks nothing like a half-cooked freebie. The app has all the flashiness and usability of any of its paid competitors, and then some. With the focus recently shifting to Windows Phone’s latest expected update, Mango, there has been a lull in the Marketplace for new apps that don’t run just on Mango. Fortunately, the developers of this awesome app didn’t feel the same way (according to latest reports Mango is coming this fall, so still at least a month to go). 1App Budget is a one-stop shop for all your financial affairs and has got pretty much everything covered when it comes to monetary issues.


Multiple Accounts

With 1App Budget, you can set up as many accounts as you want. This can be done by manually entering all the required data or simply importing all the information from some external source. Simply add your name, account’s category (savings, checking, etc.) with a short description and you are good to go. If you want a more detailed log of your account, you can load more options and set up a thorough account. There is no limit to how many accounts you can to set up in the app. Pin Lock is also available for each account so that your precious information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

BudgetAccount Details


The app’s tools are the features that let you really analyze your finances using charts and other options. You can view your profit/ loss, transactions and other changes in the form of pie or bar charts. If you like to have complete control over your spending, you can use Budgets to ration your expenditure for the month (or week). There’s also the option to export or import data from the app to Google Docs.

CalendarTransaction Filters

Calendar & Transaction Filters

Calendar lets you view the transactions that were made in your account on any particular date. But this feature becomes extra powerful when coupled with Transaction Filters. Transaction Filter helps you search through your past records in an easy and customizable way. You can select from a vast array of options to make the perfect filter and pin-point the exact record you are looking for.

That’s pretty much it, and with these kind of features, we feel that this free app certainly is worthy of being in your WP7.

Download 1App Budget

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  1. Ran into this page searching for cool apps and found 1App Budget here. Have to say I’ve been using it to manage my budget with 4-5 different accounts for about a year and I’m very satisfied with it. The development team has been very friendly as well.

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