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2SendTab: Remotely Share URLs/Tabs Between Android & Desktop Browser

SendTab is a Chrome and Safari extension, and an iOS app that lets users share browser tabs, complete with URLs, across multiple devices over the internet. Once logged in to the service, you can easily share a desired URL to any device that has the extension/app installed and running. Fresh to the Android Market, 2SendTab is a paid (formerly free), third-party SendTab client for Android that allows you to log in with your SendTab ID and remotely share URLs between the desktop browser and your device over the web. The last shared URL remains saved within the app’s cache and can be accessed at any time until a new URL is shared. As of now, the app only keeps one URL cached at a time.

Provided you’ve set up the extension on your preferred browser using your SendTab account, all you need to do is install 2SendTab on your Android device, and log in to the service with the same ID, and a desired device name.

Once past that, you can start sharing tabs/URLs from your device to desktop browser, and vice versa. In the text field provided on the app’s homescreen, feed in the URL that you wish to send to your desktop browser. Once done, select the computer name from the list provided below to open that URL on your computer.

2SendTab-Android-Home 2SendTab-Android-Account

Sharing from the browser to your device is simple, too. While on the required tab on your desktop browser, click the SendTab extension icon, select your device name, and you’re done. To retrieve the URL on your device, tap the Fetch URL from SendTab button, and instantly explore the same website on your device’s browser.

Although Chrome To Phone also offers somewhat similar functionality, it currently only allows sending URLs from your desktop browser to the device. Also, as its name suggests, it only supports Chrome. This is where 2SendTab steps in. The app supports sharing URLs from device to computer, and works with the official SendTab client for Chrome, Safari and iOS devices. Going by the developer’s word, future updates of the app will also be adding support for logging history of shared URLs, and the option to keep running in the background so that you don’t have to launch 2SendTab each time you need to fetch a URL from your desktop browser.

2SendTab is available in the Android Market for $0.99, and can be downloaded via the link or QR code provided below.

Download 2SendTab For Android

[via Lifehacker]

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