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360 Fashion: Newsreader For The Latest From The Fashion World [WP7]

At any given period of time, there is so much going on in the fashion industry all over the world, that you can not hope to stay up to date with everything if you scour through multiple sources. Thus arises the need for a single place where you can find everything related to what’s in vogue these days. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, the official 360 Fashion app is here, which aggregates fashion news from all over the world. Not only does the app cover news stories, you also get to see backstage videos and photos from various shows and fashion weeks. The app also ensures that you always know when and where an event is planned. Read on to discover more.

360 Fashion Home 360 Fashion Settings

The main section of 360 Fashion, where you will see the news feed from the popular fashion site, is titled fashion & technology, and is updated pretty regularly. The app also supports storing articles for viewing later, and you can choose the number of articles you want to allow the app to store. This can be done by going to the Settings menu in the app and moving the storage slider present there. A similar option exists for adjusting the refresh rate of the main page. If you want to be notified every time a new article is published to the app, enable notifications in the same Settings menu.

360 Fashion Story 360 Fashion Source 360 Fashion Share

When you open an individual story in the app, there is usually just the main picture and a few lines of description with it. To read the full story, you can choose to go to the source link for that article, and the option for doing so is available at the end of each article. You can move through individual articles by swiping to left or right. Hit the save button to get an article for offline viewing, and the pin button to create a live tile on the Start screen. Articles can be shared from the app via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also go to the People hub and share articles with your contacts from there.

Even if you are not a fashion-conscious person, 360 Fashion is an app that presents with a pretty unique feature of controllable refresh rate and storage space (both are features that we haven’t seen in any other WP7 app yet). So, if you are interested, 360 Fashion is a free app and you can grab it from the web Marketplace link below.

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