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360 For Android Gets Major Update, Brings Better Panorama Stitching

We reviewed 360 for Android a while ago when the 3D panoramic photo capturing and sharing freeware was new to the Android Market. We believed the app was a welcome addition to the Market, seeing as there aren’t a lot of good apps of the genre available for the platform. And now we hear that the developers (TeleportMe) may have been approached by Google to build the app for their OEMs (Samsung and HTC).

The initial release of the app was a tad rough around the edges as far as the process of capturing and stitching panoramas is concerned. Freshly released to the Market, version 2.0 of 360 not only improves upon said process, it adds easier sharing on Facebook and Twitter, providing greater efficiency and ease of use that is sure to earn the app an increase in its user ratings. And with support for over 200 Android devices and the added option to browse through a stream of panoramic / regular photos uploaded by 45000+ users from all around the world, the app may soon step in with the best of its kind out there.



The panorama capturing interface has received a major overhaul in the update. Instead of the ‘speed’ indicator that turned red if you moved your camera around too fast, the interface now indicates movement with a frame that moves from right to left as you move your camera clockwise. When the frame reaches the middle of the screen, the app captures whatever your camera is looking at and lines the captured image up with the previous in a preview bar of sorts on the right. The capturing process feels much faster and easier than in the previous version. Also, stitching error detection has been tweaked so users should get better results.


In addition, users can now view an unlimited amount of photos and panoramas in their Around Me streams and Public feed, change their 360 usernames from within Menu > Settings > Set new username, affiliate their Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app (Menu > Settings) and share to one or both social networks directly from within the Upload photo (share) screen. The rest of the app remains roughly the same, barring a few bug fixes and tweaks here and there.

Watch the video demo below to see the app in action.

Head on over to the Market via the provided link or QR code and grab yourself a copy of the new and improved 360.

Download 360

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