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360MobileSafe: App Locking, SMS/Call Blocking & Anti-Theft App [Cydia]

If you are an iPhone user and value your privacy, then chances are that a simple passcode is usually not enough for you. The lockscreen passcode in iOS devices does protect users from a casual trespasser, but for those who want security at a more comprehensive level, there are a few third-party apps, both in Cydia and the App Store. The apps found in the Cydia store generally provide a deeper level of security owing to the fact that they can access more areas of iOS compared to ordinary apps. This fact is personified by the Cydia app 360MobileSafe, which deals with just about all areas of privacy and security that you can possibly imagine. You can use the app to block undesirable calls and SMS, put any app (system or third-party) under password-protection and prevent misuse of your device remotely via the Anti-theft menu. 360MobileSafe has more features than just that, so let’s discuss them past the break.

360MobileSafe Home 360MobileSafe Settings

The app is so vast that it even has a status bar icon of its own, which is displayed next to the battery icon. This icon is there to tell you if you have any app-specific notification waiting for your attention. When you launch the app for the first time, it will respring the device, and after that you have to launch it again to set up everything. The first thing you should do in 360MobileSafe is to set a password, which can be done from the Settings menu within the app. In this menu it is also possible to set a Fake Password, so that you can show anyone that the app is empty when in reality it contains your personal data. Apart from that, there are many other options in this menu, and you can even hide the status bar icon by hitting the respective toggle button. When you have done all that, it’s time to explore the app. The first feature of 360MobileSafe is Block-Records. In this menu users are allowed to create Blacklists and Whitelists, and then choose if they want to receive calls and text messages only from Whitelist contacts, or block all people who are blacklisted.

360MobileSafe Privacy 360MobileSafe Privacy StrongBox

The Privacy section of the app is the most comprehensive one, and has a bunch of really useful features. Using the App-Lock option users can choose to set password for all apps in the iDevice, or it’s even possible to handpick apps which need password-protection in your opinion. The StrongBox is a good place to hide your personal photos, videos and audio recordings. Users can choose to set a separate password for this area of the app. 360MobileSafe lets you erase the data from all other places in your phone, but that’s only a choice and if you don’t want that, the data will just be copied to the safe. Got any private messages or call logs? Import them to the Privacy menu, and if you are looking to disappear off the face of the Earth, hit Anti-Locating and turn off location services for all suspicious apps.

360MobileSafe System Clean 360MobileSafe Anti-Theft 360MobileSafe Network Test

These are all the privacy features on offer in 360MobileSafe, but the app has even more on show! The System Clean option is pretty much like the Disk Cleanup of Windows, and frees any memory space occupied by trash files. If someone is looking to gauge the speed of their 3G/ 2G data connection, try the Speed Test in 360MobileSafe, which comes up with detailed stats and graphs pertaining to the data speed and usage. Much like the previously reviewed Prey, 360MobileSafe has an Antitheft menu, letting you get a photo of your phone’s thief, setting of an alarm by sending an SMS from any phone to your stolen iDevice and getting notifications whenever a new SIM is inserted in your phone.

All these features make 360MobileSafe a perfect app to have for privacy-conscious iOS users, and you can grab it for free by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.


  1. Personally, I like LEO Privacy. Really Amazing app to block all annoying phone calls . It helps us to track where our device is available when it had stolen. Newly they had added many new features, which helps us to block spam calls, lock apps, hide pics and videos, and find out the snoopers.

  2.  I tried it on iphone 3gs ios 5.1 and it is a very nice App, it looks cool and easy to use, and it does exactly what it is supposed to do but it is still missing some cool features such as:

    -being able to call or reply to blacklist contact directly from the app.
    -the status bar icon from block calls or messages is way too big lol

    with these extra features this app will definitely beat the competitors.

    and from what I am seeing so far with how good this app is already, I am sure to expect more from the creators. and it’s free wow

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