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3Banana For Android Renamed To Catch Notes, Filter Notes By Tags

Just think about the incredible amount of data our brains are bombarded with everyday. It’s definitely hard to remember everything, all the time. That is why we all take notes, right?

Catch Notes is an upgrade to highly useful 3 Banana app with a new name and look. The upgraded features include online syncing capability with both Catch’s own service and Google account. Note and location tagging are another key features added to improve the usability.

Simplicity comes to reality with this app. Text, images, locations and ideas can be captured instantly so that you don’t forget them later on. You have the ability to tag notes with locations as well. Once Google or Catch accounts are set-up from Settings, all notes are instantly synced as soon as you save them.


Reminders can be set for separate notes with the help of tags. Notes can be password protected as well. By default, all your data will be kept secured. Notes can also be shared via Email, Twitter and Facebook. If you have hundreds of notes, they can now be filtered by tags – a feature most users were looking forward to!

So far Catch Notes is the best app out there for Android to take quick notes seamlessly. If you know of any better alternative, let us know in the comments.


Download from AppBrain or scan the QR Code above.

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