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4th & Mayor Is A Third-Party Foursquare Client For Windows Phone 7

Foursquare is one interesting  app, combining the flavors of social networking, map usage and location-based, real-time gaming. Once you become a Foursquare addict, there is no turning back. Windows Phone 7 had an official Foursquare app but it was taken off the market for a variety of reasons. If you are a dedicated WP7 user though and still miss being the mayor of your favorite check-in place or the thrill of getting a well-earned badge then no need to be nostalgic about it anymore. A third-party foursquare client is now here for all you WP7 users out there! What’s more, it is improved and free.

4th & MayorPlaces Nearby in 4M

4th & Mayor brings all the functionality of Foursquare to your Windows Phone 7. Developer Jeff Wilcox has endowed the app with features like Specials and Tips to make the experience just like using the official Foursquare client. The interface and usage is even faster than the original app in some features.

Even if you don’t have a Foursquare account, the app is worth having. Without logging in, you can still see your current location and places nearby along with tips (user reviews) and an estimated distance to each from your current location.

Even more awesome is the feature that lets you associate photos with a place that you have checked in to. 4th & Mayor lets you upload pictures quite rapidly and pays special attention to this feature. Being the Mayor of a place means that you have checked-in to the place more times than any other user in the past 60 days and this gives you bragging rights over your friends using Foursquare. Specials are discounts and other such beneficial offers that are provided at selective geotagged shops or restaurants exclusively for Foursquare users.

4th and Mayor offers integration with other websites and that makes it a must-have for you on your WP7 device.

Download 4th & Mayor for Windows Phone

[via Jeff Wilcox Blog]

 Update: A lot has changed about the app now (not the least of which is its Marketplace icon). Check-in methods have certainly become a lot smoother, and users can mark a new destination or a product via QR codes as well. The overall interface of 4th & Mayor looks much more organized too, and there are separate menus for different categories and places. It also appears that the app has become much speedier, thanks to the 3.3 update it has received recently.

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