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645 PRO: Professional-Grade Camera App That Lets You Save Photos As Lossless JPEG & dRAW

iPhone camera apps are numerous, owing mostly to the awesome quality of photos that Apple’s hardware (the iPhone 4S, in particular) can offer. You can edit your photos, snap them in any way you want, but ultimately, it is the quality of the device’s camera that has the most profound effect on the result. 645 PRO is a camera replacement app for iOS that brings the best out of the device’s camera, producing results with quality that is on par with that of digital cams. It is, as the developer claims, the first app of its kind that allows you to capture dRAW (TIFF) and lossless JPEG images. Results aside, the interface itself provides the look and feel of a professional-grade camera, making the app an excellent substitute to the stock camera app for photography enthusiasts. Details regarding the apps many features after the break.

645 PRO iOS

645 PRO endeavors to bring simplicity and ease to its usage by presenting all the customizable options and settings to a single screen, but the overall effect can be more than a little confusing for an average user. There is an extensive tutorial available to guide you through the app’s usage (a bit too extensive, to be honest). Here is what each button in the app does.

Flash: The first button in the left-hand bar of the main screen is the flash control. Depending upon its position, you can enable or disable flash, or set it to automatic, so that it will only fire when needed.

Grid: 645 PRO comes with three grid modes. Tapping it once brings up the crosshairs, while more taps increase the number of blocks in the grid. Long-pressing the Grid button will let you choose the image format you want for your photos. The two available options include lossless JPEG and RAW.

Meter: Tapping this button will let you switch between the two exposure zones available in the app. Two additional exposure modes can be accessed by long-pressing Meter.

WB-L: WB-L button can let you adjust the focus and exposure levels according to the lighting levels in the area you are currently in. If the light is too low for any of the available modes, you can use the Night mode by long-pressing this button.

Timer: Long-press lets you edit the delay duration, while a single tap will start the countdown.

Play Button: The last button in the left-hand bar allows users to view their camera roll, and share any photos with ease. The secondary functionality of this button is to show the app’s tutorial.

645 PRO Result2AF-L & AE-L: These two buttons let users lock the focus and exposure in its current state. The small, red light against the icons indicates the activation of these buttons.

Resolution Dial: The first of the two dials in 645 PRO is there to allow you to select the resolution and aspect ratio you want for your images. The better the quality, the bigger it will be in size.

Film Modes Dial: Rotate this dial to select the film mode you want to use. There are 7 in total, ranging from vibrant to monochromatic.

The bottom bar in 645 PRO will let you view a lot of information regarding the image even before you have hit the snap button. It incorporates a histogram, which shows the color density of the scene in front of you. The status of other features of the camera is visible in this bar as well. You will surely be able to find other apps for iPhone that are more feature-rich, but the real uniqueness about 645 PRO is the end results it offers. We can’t show you actual images shot using the app, as they are at least 10MB in size, so don’t consider the image above as an example of the app’s results; they are much better than that. 645 PRO is completely worth the $2.99 it will cost you, and you can check it out by heading to the link given below.

Download 645 PRO

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