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91 Locker: 4-Way Android Lock Screen App With System Toggles

The extent of customization that Android offers to its users is nearly unmatched by any other existing mobile OS. When it comes to tweaking and personalizing your device’s lock screen, the gulf between Google’s mobile OS and other contemporary platforms expands manifold. In an attempt to provide you with the most elegant and feature-packed custom Android lockscreen replacement apps, we’ve featured quite a large number of alternatives. Adding plenty of eye-candy and ample functionality to your Android’s lockscreen is 91 Locker – yet another very handy custom Android lockscreen replacement app that brings the core and some of the most sought-after Android features right at your fingertips, even with your device locked.


Be it checking your missed call and unread text message count, unlocking straight to the messaging and/or caller app, instantly switching to the camera app to snap a quick image, or toggling your Android’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Airplane mode or sound profiles right from the lockscreen, 91 Locker has you covered.

You can stick with the solitary default lockscreen wallpaper, or import an image from your device’s gallery that you wish to set as the custom lockscreen background. The lockscreen supports displaying the total count of missed calls and unread text messages through separate translucent tiles, tapping which lets you Check or Ignore the notification via relevant apps. In case you have just one unread message, you can view the message content in the notification area without even unlocking your device.


91 Locker also supports a couple of different locker modes. You can choose between the Circle (ring) locker mode and Linear mode. Both said modes let you drag the locker ring/icon over an app of choice that you wish to directly jump to from your lockscreen. As mentioned earlier, as of now, you can instantly unlock to your Android’s camera, messaging or caller app.

Another impressive aspect of 91 Locker is the freely oscillating chord in the top-right corner of the screen, pulling which down reveals a compact system panel, complete with the toggles/switches for the airplane mode, flashlight, brightness, sound profiles, Wi-Fi, and the shortcut to the app’s main settings interface that can be used to enable the lockscreen service, choose between circle and linear lockscreen mode, and set a custom wallpaper.


All in all; 91 Locker is fairly lightweight and does quite effectively what it’s meant to do. However, we shall like to see some more customizable features being added to the mix, such as specifying a custom app shortcut on the lockscreen, customizing the toggles panel to add/remove other toggles of choice, and availing a larger pool of default wallpapers to choose from.

Download 91 Locker for Android

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