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A Windows Phone 7 App To “Poynt” You In The Right Direction

Poynt is a pretty well-known service available across a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS. It is a service worth having near at hand if you are a smartphone user. Poynt keeps you informed of the useful places located in your vicinity. Windows Phone 7 has received a lot of official apps in the recent weeks and Poynt joins that crowd. Although it has been available for some time in the Marketplace, now Poynt can be used in Europe in addition to the US! The app can be thought of as a personal directory for places, and using it you can find the best place to eat, sleep or watch a movie. Poynt will also let you discover places like gas stations and banks, making it a nice combination of fun and usefulness.

Poynt StartupPoynt Home

Not only does Poynt help you while you are travelling but it is also a useful tool to have in your home town. As soon as you launch Poynt, you have two options, you can either let the GPS track you or input a location manually. Once your location has been specified, you are shown 6 categories from which to choose the place or article about which you require information. From Business places to events in the selected area, it’s all there in the app.

Poynt Movies Poynt Cuisine Poynt Details

Click on any category and you are given options like sub-categories, places  nearby and a customized search for that category. The search results are sorted based on the distance from your current location. Tapping any of the results opens a new window which gives you more detailed information about the place. You can get the place’s exact location, its contact details and even the directions to get there from any place you choose. If you want even more details, tap the IE icon at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the place’s website. Alternatively, you can mail any of your contacts about the place you have discovered by hitting the mail button.

Just to cap everything off nicely, the app displays the weather of the area you are currently in. Through the settings, you can also tinker with the search radius to get more relevant results.

The app is for free and if you are living in (or visiting) the US or Europe, you can grab it from the link given below.

Download Poynt

[via WM Power User]

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