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abc Notes For iPhone: Virtual Notice Boards For Sticky Notes & Checklists

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you must be aware of the fact that there are many note-taking apps in the App Store. Even the stock Notes app is sufficient to jot down thoughts in a hurry. Similarly, you will find a lot of  iOS apps that will allow you to create checklists with ease. So, won’t it be nice if you can perform both these tasks within the same app? Enter abc Notes. This beautiful app will let you manage, create and share notes easily, and supports syncing of data between multiple devices. abc Notes isn’t just practical and simple to use, it looks remarkably good too.

abc Notes iPhone abc Notes Settings

When you first launch abc Notes, you’ll find several notes on its homescreen, all of which are meant to guide you through the basics of using the app. Actually, abc Notes is built around desktops, which are like different workspaces for pinning up notes. Instead of getting listed in the mundane textual fashion, the app will show notes as thumbnails, which present the contents inside pretty clearly. You can also resize a note by pinching with two fingers. The same gesture is used for rotating and changing the orientation of any note. One of the best features of abc Notes is its ability to sync with iCloud, and you can also send notes to other users in your proximity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

abc Notes Desktop abc Notes Text abc Notes Actions

You can create new notes in the app by double tapping the screen, but before that you have to choose the desktop upon which you want to add the note. There are 15 desktops in total, where each can be set to have a background image of your choice. In addition to the provided background images, the app also supports loading of custom images as desktop backgrounds. That’s not all; the app even lets you work with customized note skins, fonts and colors. In the badges menu, you can create a badge, and it will appear at the end of your notes. For checklists, the app provides bullets, checkmarks and other such graphics.

abc Notes will set you back $2.99, but, needless to say, its interface alone justifies the price.

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