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Academic Search For WP7: Find Scholarly Publications & Dissertations

At some point in our academic or professional career, there is bound to be a need to research a particular topic and find out every useful thing written about it. It might be for a thesis you are writing for your college course, or your boss might want a presentation on something related to your business. Google might be your best friend ordinarily, but for finding something academically credible, you need something more. Google Scholar provides one such platform, and now Windows Phone 7 users have a new option for carrying out their researches. Academic Search is an app developed by the Microsoft Research studio, and it will have you covered in every step of your research.

Academic Research Academic Research Publications Academic Research CFP

Before you can use the app, you must have an active data connection, and that’s all you will need, as Academic Search does not require any sign up or account creation. After launching the app for the first time, give it a few moments to get the sources populated. The home page of the app has four main sections. Domain Settings allow you to choose the fields in which you want to carry out your research. By default, all are checked, and you should uncheck any category in which you are not interested. Most Viewed Authors and Most Viewed Publications tiles are continuously updated to show the exact count of articles in each of these categories. The big tile takes you to the section of the app which lists all the upcoming CFP (call for papers) and academic conferences. You can get the complete dates and other relevant information regarding meetings in this area of Academic Search.

Academic Research AuthorAcademic Research FiltersAcademic Research Article

The app allows you to view publications by searching in terms of topics, or via author’s name. The search also comes with filters, which allow users to choose a particular category within which they want to search. The Abstract of every publication you come across in Academic Search, can be shared with anyone via email. Similarly, you can add an article or publisher to your favorites as well. On each author’s page, there is the option to go to their homepage on the service, or you can search about the person via Bing. All profiles list an author’s publication count, and credibility ratings calculated by Academic Search.

Academic Search is a must have, no matter if you specialize in Engineering or Humanities, especially since you can grab it for free.

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