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Accelerometer Disabler: WP7 Finally Gets An Orientation Lock [Homebrew]

One thing that has always annoyed me while using Windows Phone 7, is the lack of an iOS-like orientation lock in the Mango platform. This oversight really comes to haunt users when they are trying to use the device while lying down on a couch, as the screen will keep rotating unnecessarily, and there is no way of stopping it. Microsoft has still not added that setting in their mobile OS, but fortunately for Samsung and LG users having an interop unlocked WP7 device, they can now get the much-needed functionality via the freshly released homebrew named Accelerometer Disabler. The Homebrew app does not come with too many complicated toggles, but that is still not as good or as convenient as having a hardware button for locking the orientation of your device’s screen. Still, it is the first option of its kind that is available for Mango users.

Accelerometer Disabler WP7 Accelerometer Disabler WP7 Orientation Lock

Like most homebrew apps, Accelerometer Disabler is developed to be pretty minimalistic in looks, as it is supposed to focus on performing just one task. After you have deployed the app to your device, launch the app, which will appear as WPH AccelDisable in the app list. The main heading within the app will keep moving like jelly, indicating that the accelerometer of your device is in working order at present. You can easily change that using the Disable Accelerometer button at the bottom of the text. A notification will be presented to you, telling that the accelerometer has been disabled. After that, you can close the app, and go on using your WP7 any way you want, and the screen will not rotate in any scenario.

To get the rotation back (which might be necessary for playing some video games), go back to the app and hit the Restore Accelerometer button. Doing so will automatically reboot your device, and once it comes back on, you will have the accelerometer back and in working order again.

Accelerometer Disabler has been developed by the folks over at Windows Phone Hacker, and you can grab the homebrew for free by going to the source link below. As an orientation lock is not a big enough feature, so it is not likely that MS will take notice of its absence in the near future, and this makes the Accelerometer Disabler an important app for Windows Phone devices.

[via WPHacker]

Update: The XAP has been renamed to Orientation Lock now, and this newer version is compatible with all developer unlocked devices. You can get this version of the app from here.


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