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Access Android Market From Your Computer

All you Android users out there, we’ve got some great news for you !The life of us Android users has just become much easier, as Google has finally decided to roll out a web interface of its Android Market, bring us access to the collection of all the hundreds of thousands of apps right from our web browser. To learn more about the latest website of the Android Market, read on after the jump.

Android Market is one of the most prized possessions of the Android OS. Users download millions of free and paid apps for their Android phone through this interface but until now there was no way you could browse through all these apps from the convenience of your PC on an official web interface provided by Google, like the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. While there were third-party alternatives like AppBrain offering something similar, it wasn’t anywhere close to the experience you can get from an official web interface. While most of us have been thinking that Google has intentionally ignored it perhaps to make the Android experience fully self-contained on the device and independent of using a PC browser, it seems we were wrong and Google had recognized the need for such an offering, and had been working on it so far. By launching the Android Market website, Google has finally catered to users wanting web access to their beloved apps, and here’s how it looks like right now:


To access this web-showcase of Android apps, you will need to log on to http://market.android.com. Although from the look and feel of the Android Market website, one can feel that it is still under development but still you can surf loads of Free, Paid and Featured apps. Hopefully, in the future, more features will be rolled out to it including the ability to fully manage, install and uninstall apps to and from all the Android devices associated with your Google account, without having to do so from the devices themselves.

According to Google, this Android Market interface for the web is described as:

…a showcase for some of the featured and top ranked applications and games available on Android Market…

Currently, you can see app screenshots and read about the functionality. One thing missing from it is perhaps the direct download to PC option but we think Google has intentionally left out on it to keep track of all the installations and making sure users rely on the latest updates to all these apps, apart from the possibility of piracy and illegal distrubution, as well as reverse engineering.. Another very important feature missing from this web-based market is the search option, but since search is Google’s speciality, we believe that Google will inculcate it once the final design is out.

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  • redlyn

    Not being able to download apps to PC makes this “showcase” crap about as useful as looking at a photo of huge stack of money.

  • viv

    shake ur ass Google…get the download apps to pc version fast!!!

  • at

    shake ur ass Google…get the download apps to pc version fast!!!