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Access Power Options From Springboard via PowerIcons [Cydia Tweak]

If you’re an avid iDevice user with jailbroken iOS 5, you will be familiar with Cydia asking you to reboot your device, or occasions where you want to just respring the Springboard. PowerIcons is a Cydia tweak that places the much needed power options – namely Shutdown, Reboot, SafeMode & Respring – right on your Springboard in the form of icons. To install this tweak and see how it works on the iOS 5, read on.

If Apple did go ahead with the much-improved Notification Center, they might as well should have included some reboot options. For now, let Cydia take care of that for you. PowerIcons does not come with extra fancy features or settings for you to play around with. 4 icons on your Springboard that execute the relevant option, and that’s all.

IMG_0334 IMG_0335

You can find this tweak in the BigBoss repository, or, alternatively, you can search for PowerIcons in Cydia’s search section. Once installed, the four icons will automatically appear on your Springboard, and you can freely move them around like your regular icons. Undoubtedly, this makes the life of a Cydia user, or for that matter, anyone with a jailbroken device, much easier.

Editor’s Note: While the same functionality can be achieved with the infamous SBSettings tweak, PowerIcons makes it easier by placing icons on your Springboard without the need for launching any app/menu altogether. Comes in real handy when something gets stuck on the screen and you have partial visibility of only the upper half of Springboard, as my keyboard used to do on iOS 4.

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