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AccuWeather – A Must-Have Weather App For Your Windows Phone 7

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user then you have to learn to live with somewhat limited options when it comes to the choice of available apps. Although there is still a long way to go for WP7, the Marketplace has finally started to catch up with other platforms like iOS and Android. Major popular smartphone apps are now available for WP7. In recent months there has been a flurry of official WP7 app releases. AccuWeather is not a new name both in weather forecasting and in the world of smartphones. They have a worldwide network and have been around in the weather world for decades. That’s proof enough that they know their business pretty well. The good news is that the official app for AccuWeather is now available for WP7, and it’s free!

AccuWeather HomeAccuWeather Hourly Updates

The app has made it through to WP7’s official must-have list, and we can certainly understand why. The app offers you absolutely everything about weather.

First of all are the functionalities that are pretty common for a weather-related app. While setting the whole app up you are asked to input your current location. You can do this manually or you can simply hit the GPS button, which will automatically track your current location and give you updates based on that location. You can choose settings like the display of data in metric or imperial formats, and you can even enable live tiles, which will provide you with continuous weather updates right on your start screen. The app provides you with detailed data on weather, including temperature, humidity, visibility, pressure, etc. Not only that, you get to have weekly as well as daily forecasts (updated on hourly basis), which can come in handy.

AccuWeather Forecast WeeklyAccuWeather SettingsAccuWeather Locations

You can simultaneously bookmark any 7 locations and as soon as you select any one of them, the data about it becomes visible to you just as if it were your current location. AccuWeather has another pretty unique feature called RealFeel. It gives you an estimate of how the environment currently feels based not only on the current temperature but also on factors like humidity, wind speed, etc.

AccuWeather MapsAccuWeather Videos

With color-coded maps, AccuWeather provides you with data that reveals what you should expect in the coming days or even hours. That way, a moving cloud bank or a newly formed rain system over your home country are easily visible and you can even form your own predictions. AccuWeather has a widespread network and thus, continuous video broadcasts about different weather updates are released and you can access them right from within your app.

AccuWeather SettingsAccuWeather Lifestyle

But that’s not all by any means. We have saved the best for the last. The feature that really sets AccuWeather apart from other weather apps is Lifestyle. It is a very useful concept and lets you make certain decisions which are dependent upon weather. So now if you want to go cycling or are looking forward to a day at the beach, AccuWeather will tell you if it is a good idea or not.

Seeing all these really cool features, we can second Microsoft on their assessment that this app is a must-have for any WP7 user.

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